Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wegbe and Being Sick

The kids screamed my name and ran up to me like they hadn’t seen me in a year when in fact it had only been a few weeks. I was tired of job searching in Accra and decided to go to Wegbe to visit my kids again. I did promise to visit them every month and I needed a break from the city life so I boarded an air-conditioned tro tro (so nice!!) and headed to Wegbe for 3 days. It was so nice to be back in the village but on my second day there, I started to feel ill. From that point on, I wanted nothing more than to be back in Accra where I have access to a toilet 24/7 and where I could visit a full on hospital to get treated. I will spare you all of the details but basically after a long 3.5 hour ride back to Accra plus a visit to the airport to pick up some volunteers, I finally arrived home and decided that it was time to visit the hospital. I had been given an injection in the village due to the fact that we already had figured out that I definitely had malaria but I was sick beyond just that and I knew that I needed to be seen by someone in the city.
I have come to realize that when I get sick in Ghana, I don’t just get sick, I get really, really sick. So, after three visits to the hospital here in Accra within 4 days, I was treated for malaria, a stomach infection/parasite (the exact type is unknown), and tonsillitis. After the first visit and a day spent vomiting everything I put in my mouth, including water, it was back to the hospital only to find out that I was having a bad reaction to some of the medicine and was so dehydrated that I needed to be hooked up to an IV for the entire evening. I was so lucky to have Alex there to help me and take care of me and wait with me at the hospital until the 3 IV bags were completed at 1:30am. It has been a difficult week due to these multiple illnesses but I have received amazing care and am now feeling so much better.

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