Wednesday, July 06, 2011

This is Ghana...

  • Ghana time: Yes, its 10x worse than Jewish Standard time and whatever other times you know of.
  • Drivers use their horn just as much as they use the gas.
  • And brakes, haha, ya, they don’t like to use those.
  • Traffic lights and signs exist in Accra and across parts of the country but who knows why since no one seems to pay any attention to them.
  • Where you can buy any necessity from the comfort of your car. Toilet paper. Food. Super glue. Handkerchiefs. Flashlights. Phone credits. Ice Cream. Plantain chips. And the list goes on…
  • Where ‘lights off’ is a common phrase. (Meaning = electricity is turned off).
  • And where I am learning ‘tap off’ is another common phrase. (Meaning = Water is turned off). 
  • Where you can determine which cars are taxis because they have orange front and back side panels.
  • One’s head is used to carry every and anything regardless of size or weight.
  • Three lane roads are really five lane roads. Drivers make their own rules and own the road.
  • Where pedestrians do not have the right of way and when crossing the street on foot, your life is in great danger.
  • Where taxis are on the brink of dying at most times. Side mirrors are hanging on by threads and you’re lucky if the window actually rolls down and if the door can be opened from both the inside and outside of the car. And seat belts? Most people don’t use them regardless of whether the car has them.
  • Cell phones are answered regardless of where someone is or what they are doing.
  • It is common to see people peeing on the side of the road.
  • Hissing the call someone’s attention is totally normal.
  • Most people burn their garbage.
  • Babies are carried on the backs of their mothers.
  • Animals roam around at their own will. Yes, even in Accra, the capital city.
  • Drinking water is typically consumed by locals in little plastic bags. The plastic is then tossed on the side of the road after it is finished. And they wonder why there is such a huge trash issue here!
  • Where you will witness the most beautiful sunsets and the starriest skies.
  • Where being a foreigner means you get tons of attention AND get ripped off.
  • Where food is usually cooked outside, primarily by the women.
  • Where window screens are a necessity to keep out the mosquitoes.
  • Where crackers are ‘biscuits’ and avocados are ‘pears.’
  • Where the currency is called Cedis. Yes, it sounds just like ‘CDs.’
  • Where ‘This is Africa’ or ‘This is Ghana’ is a commonly heard phrase.

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