Sunday, July 17, 2011


If I could have things my way, I would live in Wegbe permanently, Alex and I would both have good paying jobs here, and I would always be as happy as I have been this week. It has been amazing to be back here. Tuesday, when I go back to Accra is coming way too soon and I am nowhere near ready for it.
A few weeks ago on one of my previous visits to Wegbe, Patrick told me that two years ago when he was talking about starting a bead workshop here in Wegbe, I encouraged him to go for it. Apparently I told him that he could do it if he really wanted, if he worked hard, and if he saved his money to make his dream a reality. He told me that I inspired him to really go for it, to have faith in himself. Today, I visited Patrick at his home to see the bead workshop that he has started. It is still in the beginning stages but he is doing well and it is amazing to see. He has a kiln and is making beads and teaching youth in the community to make the beads as well. I have much faith in Patrick and I am sure he will go far with this project. Today, while making some beads, we talked about how he can start selling the beads and advertise so others in the community and passersby know that this bead workshop exists.
While I have visited the Cedi Bead Factory here in Ghana before, it was amazing to really talk to Patrick about the processes involved in bead making and see the whole thing from start to finish. Its beyond amazing how glass bottles are pounded and turned into a powder which is then used to make the beads. I also got the chance to paint some beads which was a tedious and much more difficult task than it sounds. I have a much deeper appreciation for beads after today and now realize all the hard work that goes into making them.
After making the beads, I told Patrick that I have wanted to visit the Talking River for quite some time now and asked him if he would take me. He agreed and Cynthia, my 3-4 year old neighbor decided she wanted to come as well so the three of us set off. Well, the 10-15 minute walk was a bit longer than 10-15 minutes but it wasn’t too bad.  The path was grown over in areas which made it difficult to walk, especially for Cynthia since she is so small so we had to carry her at some points, something she enjoyed. When we finally arrived at the river, it was so overflown that we couldn’t get very close. It quickly became evident that Cynthia’s desire to bathe in the water would not be happening, as the water was very deep. The river apparently has some steps and if you are close enough and quiet enough it sounds like it is talking. Since the river was so overflown, it was impossible to get close enough to hear the river talking. But at least now I can say I have been there, done that and it is no longer something on my list of things to do here in Wegbe.

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