Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Soccer Game in Wegbe

On the way to a soccer game in the village over from Wegbe, Roland, one of Alex’s brothers said the following: “Everyone knows you here, even the unborn children.” It’s hard to deny it as when I arrive in Wegbe, regardless of how long I am gone for, everyone remembers me and my name is heard pretty much everywhere.  It’s an honor that I have had such an impact on so many of the lives here and that I have connected with so many of the people on a level that they will never forget me. However, I am sure that when others walk around with me, it gets quite annoying. Luckily, I think most of Alex’s family is used to it by now as they don’t let me go anywhere alone and as a result, have spent a great amount of time walking around with me.
It was my first day back in Wegbe and I wasn’t going to part from my girl Cynthia so when Roland suggested that we attend the soccer game on Sunday afternoon, I asked him if I could bring her along. If you are new to my blog, Cynthia is a young girl who lives in Wegbe that I have become very close with during my visits to the village. She is probably about 3 years old by now but its hard to tell especially since her mother only speaks a limited amount of English. Her mother gave birth to twin girls a few weeks after I left Ghana last summer and this visit to the village was my first time meeting the girls, Sarah and Saraphine. Anyways, Cynthia, Roland, and I stood by the side lines watching the soccer game between a local team and a team from another village. After a few minutes, there appeared to be a fight and the police ran on to the field. Only a few minutes later, there was chaos and since I don’t understand Ewe and because I wasn’t really paying too much attention to the game, I was beyond confused. Apparently, the goal keeper for the visiting team was wearing a necklace and it was claimed to have supernatural powers, or what is called ‘juju.’ It was explained to me that the powers that this necklace had were allowing the goal keeper to block every shot by the other team. Next thing I knew, everyone was leaving and the game came to a halt as the two teams and referees could not settle the issue at hand. As we returned to Wegbe, Roland told me that he doesn’t believe in juju but I although it would have been an interesting conversation to actually have, I wasn’t in the mood to discuss it – I was exhausted from the drive from Accra to Wegbe and was just interested in loving on my kids and spending as much time with them as possible.  

Cynthia and I enjoyed ice cream during the game which may or may not be why I wasn't really paying attention to the game!

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