Friday, June 03, 2011

Searching for a new job

After searching for a job in Ghana for months, I was super excited when I finally received an offer. And it was a job working with kids. Now seriously, how much better could it get than that? It made the whole relocating to Ghana thing seem so much simpler and hopefully it would make the transition easier.
I went in to the school late last week and met the staff and kids that I would be working with. It was a good morning and I enjoyed meeting the kids and learning about the school. I was impressed with all the resources and the opportunities that the children at this school received. I started work on Wednesday and although I loved the kids, there was something that was not quite right. I do not want to reveal too many details here but I went back on Thursday convincing myself that it would be better. Unfortunately it only got worse and Thursday on the way home from work, while sitting in traffic, I really thought about things. I knew that my boss wanted me to sign a contract on Friday and I also knew that she did not have time for me to wait any longer and ponder over whether I wanted to sign the contract or not. It was a very difficult decision because I do not know what other jobs are out there and I know that finding a job here can be quite difficult but I decided to quit and start looking for a new job. Its not a huge problem quite yet as I was only training for the first two months at this job and was not getting paid during that time so the way I see it is that I now have two months to find a job. I really hope it won’t take me that long though! I am trying to have good thoughts about this and see this as a positive experience. I am happy that I stood up for myself and did not allow myself to be put in a position where I knew I would be unhappy. Now on to bigger and better things!

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