Monday, June 13, 2011

Love from the USA

Last week I received word that Isaac, a Ghanaian friend of mine who had planned to visit Ghana on June 20th had actually changed his flight and would be arriving in Ghana 2 weeks earlier than planned. I was excited to see him in Ghana and for him to meet Alex as they had spent much time talking on the phone and communicating online. I was also excited to see him because due to the fact that I do not have a mailing address in Ghana yet and the mailing address that a friend gave me to use here was a PO Box, my mother and sister could not send me a package via FedEx or DHL or through any other service besides USPS. This normally would be fine but they were sending some items that I did not want to risk getting lost or stolen while in transit. He agreed to bring the items to me, making me very happy. On Friday, Alex and I met up with Isaac after spending at least 2 hours sitting in traffic to travel to the agreed meeting spot. Traffic was beyond anything I had ever seen or experienced and I was so anxious to actually be moving instead of just sitting in a car, which the driver had turned off because we weren’t moving at all, that I kept asking Alex, “at what point can we just pay the driver and get out and walk?” He kept telling me that we were too far to walk the rest of the distance and eventually after spending way too much time in the vehicle, we arrived at the Accra Mall. We met Isaac in the food court where the two men talked and talked and talked. I partook in some of the conversation while also eating my first American meal since I have been in Ghana, pizza. It wasn’t as good as pizza back in the US but it was good for American food in Ghana.
Isaac delivered my care package from home to me and I couldn’t have been happier. It wasn’t so much the items that were inside the package as it was knowing that my mother and sister picked out the items and worked so hard to get them to me. And since Melissa had been eating some crackers while skyping with Alex and I during my first week back in Ghana and Alex asked her for some, she sent some American snacks for us to enjoy too. It was so special and made me miss being with my family and being in the US. It made me think about being here in Ghana and if I made the right choice, something I still am unsure of especially due to the fact that I am currently living here unemployed. I am keeping my head up though and trying to take advantage of everything that comes my way and hopefully will find a job in the very near future. For now, I am enjoying my free time and trying to live in the moment, even when that means sitting in horrific Ghanaian traffic.

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