Friday, June 03, 2011

Christ Orphanage Visit

On Monday morning, I awoke early and rode with Raymond to Christ Orphanage. The kids were excited to see me but I think I was more excited to see all of them. I spent the morning with the KG1 class and realized that the kids were just as crazy as they were when I left them last August. During break, it was pretty much impossible for me to move as I had so many children hanging onto me and grabbing every inch of my body. Luckily by Tuesday when I visited the school, the novelty of my visit had calmed down and although I was still attacked by the children, it was to a much lesser degree. 

During the two days I spent at the school, I also spent time with the Nursery class. I was so happy to see Cynthia in the class and I could tell that she was getting a lot out of attending Christ. Whereas she normally does not talk at home, she was chatting away at school and loved running around the campus. It made me smile to see her enjoying school so much. I was also quite impressed with the new Nursery teacher who was engaging the children in fun and educational songs, dances, and rhymes. The kids loved it and it sure seems like they love the teacher as well.
It was such a pleasure to see the kids learning at the new site as last summer I left Ghana just a few days before they were introduced to the new facility. They love being at the site and take advantage of the open land where they play soccer and the large dining hall where they are all able to sit around tables and eat with their own bowls and spoons. The older kids have been practicing their ping pong skills and the younger kids enjoy all the toys and resources that are available to them in their classrooms. In addition, the site provides space for crops to be grown for the children to consume. Currently there is corn and cassava growing on the property. There are no longer any chickens as they have all been consumed by the children, something that provides them with much needed protein.
Unfortunately the electricity to the site has been an uphill battle fight with the contractor who tried to walk away with the money before finishing the job and therefore the electricity is still not working yet. However, I have been told that there is only one thing left to do and it should be connected within the next few weeks, if not days. We shall see – this is Ghana so things take a bit longer.
The kids were confused and sadden by the fact that I was only visiting the orphanage for two days but it is my hope that I will be able to get back out to Wegbe soon for another visit!
I uploaded a bunch of photos of the kids and my visit to Wegbe on Facebook. Here is the link to view them:

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