Monday, June 06, 2011

Beach day

If we are friends on Facebook, you probably already saw my photos and know that yesterday Alex and I spent the afternoon at the beach. I had previously only been to the beach in Cape Coast so it was nice to be able to go somewhere a little closer (like 4 hours closer). We sat outside in the shade for awhile at a “beach resort” sipping on Fanta, enjoying the breeze and cool weather before walking along the beach. The beach was much dirtier than what I am used to in the US but it was still nice.
Unfortunately I totally lost my mind yesterday and forgot to put on or even bring sunscreen. By the time I realized it, it was too late and I already had some color – not red but some color. When we got home, I realized that my arm was a bit red and Alex became quite alarmed and concerned. I have to admit that I am super lucky that my face lotion has sunscreen in it and my face did not burn at all. Alex had never seen a sunburn before and immediately asked if he should take me to the hospital. I assured him that this sunburn wasn’t too bad (although I do have an outline of Africa on my chest from my necklace) and that with some water, lotion, and time the redness will fade.
These first few weeks in Ghana have consisted of a lot of learning about each other and cultural differences such as this one. There are certain things that I am learning that Alex just isn’t aware of or doesn’t know about because he was raised in a different place and with a different culture than I was and similarly Alex is learning that there are things here in Ghana that I am unaware and unfamiliar with. Its definitely a learning process and luckily we are enjoying it, for the most part.

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Fiona Leonard said...

Ahhhh, Nicole, I feel your pain! Have suffered similar - especially the map of Africa tan!

Thanks for linking to my blog, btw - much appreciated.