Friday, May 27, 2011

Los Angeles --> Heathrow --> Accra

Have you heard OneRepublic’s song Good Life yet? It is a song that I came across a few days before I left for Ghana and is one that I listened to on the plane and since I have been in Ghana. It’s one of those songs that just gets to you. Or at least, it gets to me. Before I left for Ghana, it didn’t get to me like it did when I was on the plane. With my ipod in one hand and kindle opened to the book Water for Elephants in the other, I listened to this song and tears just streamed down my face. I was excited for this new experience in my life and had counted down the days until it was time to leave but at the same time, I felt a bit scared and sad about leaving my loved ones back home. On my flight from LAX to Heathrow, after a teary good bye to my mom and sister and tears in my eyes through security and even upon entering the plane, I met two women who were traveling to various European countries. The woman immediately next to me had, just like me, graduated from college only a few days earlier. If you thought that I had a limited amount of time at home, think again. She had graduated two days prior to leaving for Scotland, among a number of other countries. The other woman who was sitting with us was traveling to visit her daughter who had moved abroad years earlier. Her daughter also went to Lewis & Clark and graduated twenty some odd years ago. Its always amazing to me how I can travel across the world yet meet people who have so many similarities with me.
Upon arriving in London at the Heathrow Airport I sat down at a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. A woman from New Jersey was seated at the table next to me and we got to talking while we dined on our food. She told me a lot about the Montessori method and informed me that there were some good books written about the Montessori approach, which I proceeded to purchase on my kindle before leaving the airport. I have yet to read the books yet as I slept most of my flight but plan on starting them soon.
The second flight was longer than expected as there was something on the plane that needed to be fixed before we could depart. As a result, we sat on the plane for quite some time before leaving but once we were in the air, it was only about 7 hours to Accra where I was met by Alex and his brother Prince.

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