Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today was a good day. No, a GREAT day!

In January, I came back from Winter Break early in order to attend my school's Senior Survival Seminar. I attended this seminar in order to receive much needed help on resume and to get tips and ideas about how to find a job. One of the biggest things that was stressed at this seminar was the importance of networking. Due to the fact that I was looking for a job across the world when I was still in Portland made the job search even more difficult for me and meant that I, more than others, really needed to focus on the networking piece of the job search. So, I networked...for months....and months...and months. Okay, fine, it really was only like 3.5 months but it felt like forever. I wrote to every single person that I knew in Ghana and asked for help. I received a little help this way but the big thing that really contributed to my networking was joining Ghana expat sites. I previously had no clue that these websites existed and had no idea how helpful the people that I met on them would be. I have talked to many American, European, and other expats in Ghana and already have plans to meet some of these people upon my arrival in Ghana, which is super exciting. It is like I already have a community in Ghana even though I am not there yet.  :)

So, I talked to people on these websites, posted inquiries about job openings, and contacted every and anyone who would talk to me. In addition, I continued to submit job applications to job postings on two different Ghanaian Job databases. I submitted probably 10-15 applications this way and heard NOTHING. To say that it was frustrating was an understatement. At a point, I just wanted to get rejected from some of these jobs so that I knew that my application was actually received and reviewed. Instead, I felt like the emails I sent were lost in cyberspace.

Well, today, all that networking finally paid off. I was offered a job working in a pre-school and I ACCEPTED! I could not be happier about this. I had been applying for office jobs because I was not qualified to apply for any of the educational jobs posted on the job databases but honestly I did not want to sit in an office all day. I love working with kids and this is SO perfect for me -- I couldn't ask for anything better. And it is even better because Alex and I actually have a place to live in Accra as well. Now, the only thing I am waiting for is for Alex to find a job. I know that he is working hard at it and I have faith that he will find something soon. I mean, everything else has worked out -- yes, it has required much time and effort, but it has worked out. Oh, and the other thing I am waiting for is for these next two weeks to fly by so I can officially become a college graduate, go home, spend time with my family, and pack for this adventure!

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