Sunday, January 02, 2011

Blog Overview/ Recap


Year 1 (2008): My first trip to Africa. Traveled to Ghana to volunteer for 8 weeks with Cross Cultural Solutions (CCS). Placed at Christ Orphanage where I taught a class of 25 kindergarten children on my own. Fell in love with a guy, the kids, local community, and Ghanaian life style, traditions, and values. Returned home inspired and changed, knowing that my work in Ghana and with Christ Orphanage was just beginning.

Year 2 (2009): Returned to Ghana solo days after finishing my sophomore year of college. Spent 3.5 months teaching, organizing the orphanage, and putting ideas into practice at Christ Orphanage, followed by 3 months studying abroad in Kenya and Tanzania. Returned to Ghana for three weeks in December to celebrate Christmas and visit the children at Christ Orphanage again before returning home to America just in time for the New Year.

Year 3 (2010): Received a research grant to return to Ghana and spend three weeks carrying out my thesis research. Extended my trip to spend time with my community in Gbi-Wegbe, the kids at Christ Orphanage, and my boyfriend. During my trip to Ghana, I will witness Christ Orphanage's move to their new site.

Future Plans (2011): After completing my undergraduate education and graduating from college, I plan on permanently relocating to Gbi-Wegbe, Ghana. Plans for this move are currently underway.

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