Monday, November 29, 2010


I do not usually have much to post on my blog when I am not in Ghana and I don't really even know if anyone reads my blog when I am not in Ghana, but even if I am only writing this for myself, I need to take the opportunity to write about something amazing that I found out about today. So, as you might remember, Fire Mountain Gems and Beads wrote an article about my trip to Ghana and beading in Ghana which was published on their website last year. I got a few emails from FMG customers about my work in Ghana but not many. I was proud to be on their website but didn't really think much had come out of it. Boy, I sure was wrong. Today, I learned that three volunteers who traveled to Ghana this past summer to volunteer at Christ Orphanage were inspired by ME! They went to Ghana, and specifically Christ Orphanage to volunteer after reading the FMG article. Its amazing how far this article truly went and how much it inspired these women. Its so amazing that my story touched them so much that they traveled around the world and volunteered with the children that I had written about. Today, I truly realized the power of words and photos. I hope that I am able to inspire more people to travel to Ghana, to volunteer at Christ Orphanage, or to even make a donation to help these children continue to live, learn, and thrive.

Happy Holidays!

Til next time,