Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Seesta Nicole is back in Ghana

After a tiring, long day of traveling from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. to Accra, I finally arrived in Ghana. Although I had been traveling for many hours, it didn’t hit me til I was waiting for my flight from D.C. to Accra that I was actually going back. As I had been looking forward to this trip so much, it just seemed like a dream that would always be in the future. As much as it felt like a dream, I am so happy that this trip is no longer in the future and that I am finally here!

On my flight from D.C. to Accra, I met a 30 something year old woman and her adorable baby. I know, I know, nothing out of the ordinary. The mother was going to Ghana to visit her family for the first time since she gave birth to her 10 month old son, Wisdom. I told the mother that I would be more than willing to hold her baby on the plane if she got tired or needed to sleep or anything. As our flight was only about 65% full, she moved closer to me, which meant that I got to play with him when he was awake which helped make the super long flight a bit more fun.

When we arrived in Ghana, I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore. I knew that it would be hot and humid the minute I stepped off the airplane but I wanted nothing more to get off that plane. After gathering my bags, I was met by my welcoming party: Alex, Raymond, Wisdom, and a few other family members as well as the driver. We traveled about 30 minutes, through lots of Accra traffic to meet Alex’s mother’s at her house. After meeting her and spending some time with her, we travelled another 30 minutes through lots of traffic to Alex and Raymond’s uncle’s house. It has become like a tradition now that we visit him and his family every time we are in Accra so of course, we had to go and visit them upon my arrival. Sammy, Alex and Raymond’s nephew was excited to see me and even more excited about the photos that I brought of him from my last visit. He loved them so much that he held onto them and just looked at them for most of the time I was there.

We were served lunch and then got back in the tro tro and began out long 4 hour journey to Wegbe. As it became dark, I became sad that I would not be able to see my children until the following day. However, when we arrived in Wegbe, out neighbors, Yaira and her family were still awake and I just had to go over there and say hello. They did not know that I would be returning on this day and were so excited to see me that you could hear their screams from down the road. They ran to me and hugged me and were in amazement that I was back. After getting over their initial shock, they inquired as to where Sister Melissa was and when she would be coming. They were not very happy to hear that she would not be coming this time but I assured them that she would be back one day soon.

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