Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And life goes on

It’s Tuesday evening and I am sitting outside enjoying the sounds and smells of the village. The young kids quickly figure out that my face is lit up due to my computer screen and come over to check it out. Essie, one of Raymond and Alex’s cousins is preparing my dinner, potatoes. We quickly ran out of the potatoes we bought in Accra when I first arrived, so, I sent Godwin with some money when he went to pick up Brother Mark yesterday so that I could stock up. As the people like sweet potatoes, yams, and cassava, potatoes are not really a part of their diet and as a result, they are practically impossible to find in Hohoe. However, potatoes and rice are what basically make up my diet here so I am very happy to have more potatoes.

Essie is only 22, her birthday was just a few days ago, yet, she does practically everything for me. She buys and cooks my food, sweeps my room, washes and irons my clothes, makes me traditional clothing, and heats my water. I don’t like having to be so dependent on another person to do what seems like such basic things for me, but I have to admit, she is truly amazing and she makes my life here a lot easier and more manageable.

The kids run around the compound, attempting to avoid the laundry that is hanging from the lines. Essie puts the coals on the fire. I listen to the conversations that are taking place in Ewe but although I am trying to learn the language, I don’t even recognize a single word. The older kids are playing jenga. I taught them the game a few days ago and now they come to me asking to play it. When the get tired of playing jenga, they use the blocks and build houses, using the extra pieces as people.

My legs itch. I try not to scratch the millions of mosquito bites that cover them but it’s so difficult. I truly don’t understand how I have gotten so many bites and how they manage to multiply every single day. It truly amazes me.

I received a phone call this evening. The arrangements for Jennifer’s funeral have been set. Just hearing these words shocks me. I still can’t believe that she is no longer alive. It is too difficult for me to truly comprehend. I will be traveling to Ho on Friday morning to attend the funeral. As this funeral is for a child, it is not as long and intensive as the 3 day funerals that are usually held for adults.

The children are growing anxious. They want me to play with them. I will write more later.

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