Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Searching for Bush Babies

Wow! It’s December. That’s crazy! It feels like it was just yesterday when I was like, oh my goodness, it’s already August. Our semester abroad is quickly nearing the end and in 4 days…yes, 4 days, I will be back in Ghana! I am just a little excited about that in case you couldn’t tell.

Some of the other students on this program have asked me why I love Ghana so much and how it is different than Kenya or Tanzania. There are differences which I don’t really want to get into right now but the thing is that I love Ghana so much because that is where a bunch of people that I love with all my heart live. It’s not because Ghana is so much prettier or that life is much different there. It is because of the people. And yes, there are nice people here too, but I haven’t made the same kind of connections that I made in Ghana in East Africa (except with my 1st host family in Nairobi who I love and am going to stay with the night before my flight to Ghana).

They are amazing for many reasons but let me just fill you in on something they did for me earlier this week. Before leaving for Africa, my mom gave me my paper ticket from Ghana to Kenya and told me that I needed to keep my boarding pass from that flight so that I could get airline miles. So I did. And I sent it home with my sister, not realizing that my paper ticket from Kenya back to Ghana was attached to it. So I was in Kenya. My ticket was in America. My mother called the airlines and was told that it was no problem; she could scan the ticket and email it to me. So, I printed out the scanned copy of the ticket and stopping worrying about this issue for awhile. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I asked my mom to double check that I would be able to get on my flight with the scanned copy of the ticket. Of course, she was told that I needed my original ticket and that the scanned copy would do me no good. In an effort to get my ticket to me, my mother express mailed the ticket to the travel agent in Nairobi, Kenya.

This was great. My ticket was in Kenya. But there was still a little problem. I was in Arusha, Tanzania, at least 8 hours away from Nairobi and had no way to get my ticket. As I don’t return to Nairobi until the evening of December 4th, and my flight is early in the morning on the 5th, I was a bit worried about how I would actually get my ticket.

Then, it occurred to me that it wouldn’t hurt to ask my host family from Nairobi to arrange to get the ticket for me. They were amazing and a few days later, they had the ticket, safe and sound in their house where it is now waiting for me.

So, no worries, as long as everything goes according to plan, I will have my ticket and will actually be allowed to get on my flight.

Today was a really good day. Last night, I finished my paper which was due today and just had to print out the raw data to attach to my report. After doing this and chatting with my sister online, which makes my day, a bunch of us went to town to go shopping. I had a few last minute things that I wanted to look for before leaving East Africa and I must admit, I was very successful. The thing I was most excited about buying was a piece of artwork of elephants which my sister really wanted to find while she was here but had no luck with. I had been keeping my eyes open for something I thought she would like and today, I finally found it. I must admit, I really like it too so I hope she has somewhere in mind to put it up at home because it is something that I want to be able to see every once in awhile as well!

Tomorrow afternoon, we are leaving the campsite and the village which we have called home for the last few weeks and moving into a very nice hotel for our retreat which isn’t going to be much of a retreat as most of us will only be there for a day before having to leave to catch the bus to Nairobi. So tonight is our last night of camping.

Last night, realizing that our time at the camp was soon coming to an end, I went on a search to find and see at least one bush baby, I was I not having luck finding them in the trees, even though they would call out every once in awhile, I asked one of the night guards for help. We went on a walk behind camp, with big, bright flashlights, looking for bush babies. After half an hour of searching, we returned to camp. They told me that we should look in the morning but due to the fact that I love my sleep, I was not up early enough this morning to see them.

This evening, after dinner, I set out with James, one of our cooks to find a bush baby. Once again, we were unsuccessful but we did find some tree hyrax which have orange eyes and are quite scary looking when they are staring at you from above in a tree.

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