Monday, November 30, 2009

Going to the Movies in Tanzania

The last few days have been paper writing days as our paper for our Independent Study course is due tomorrow. On November 28th, we gave presentations about our various studies to the Olasiti Village Government. It was nice to be able to share our findings and suggestions with them but the meeting was extremely long as everything we said had to be translated into Swahili. The meeting was supposed to begin at 10am but of course, we were on African time and the meeting did not start until 10:45am and went until 2pm.

Earlier in the week, we decided to take a break from academic work and go to the movies. I hadn’t seen a movie in theatre since at least May but didn’t really feel like I was missing out by not seeing any new movies. One of the girls in our group told us that she had seen Inglorious Bastards back home and loved it and suggested that we go to see that. I knew nothing of this movie nor any other movie that would currently be playing so I didn’t really have an opinion.

I was surprised by the looks of the movie theatre when we pulled into the parking lot. This beautiful place was definitely a place only for mzungus and well off Africans. We bought our tickets, got some popcorn, and went into the theatre.

All of the other students loved the movie but I was not a fan at all. As I am sure you guys back home know, the movie is about the Nazis. But it is meant to be a funny movie about how the Jews get back at the Nazis and Hitler. Yes, the Holocaust is in the past but I do not think that this movie was appropriate at all. The movie, although obviously not true made it seem like the way to get back at the Nazis was to torture them and treat them in horrific ways like they did to the Jews which really bothered me.

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