Monday, October 12, 2009

Life is Precious

This afternoon, while taking a break from blog writing, I went to the Internet café to send some emails. One of the many emails that I sent was to Mark, the guy who initiated the new site project for Christ Orphanage. I wrote to him to get an update of the orphanage and got a response back from him almost immediately with some very sad news. A week or so before I arrived in Ghana in May, one of the youngest boys at the orphanage passed away. Now, only a few months later, I received news that another one of the children at the orphanage passed away about two weeks ago. This young boy had a mental disability but was starting to excel in school and in his social life. He was a sweet boy who loved when I gave him attention or tickled him. According to Mark’s email, this boy fell sick with malaria and was taken to the hospital where he was prescribed malaria medication. His grandmother who cared for him decided that in order to speed up his recovery, she would give him more medication than he was actually prescribed to take. The following morning, her grandson passed away.

Events like this make me realize just how precious life truly is. It is so sad that these young children and millions of other children around the world who die at a young age are unable to live out the lives that they have ahead of them.

Today marks our last day as part of civilization for the next three weeks as we are leaving for three weeks on safari. I am not exactly sure what to expect but am not too excited to be camping for the next three weeks of my life with no connection to the outside world. This means that I will not have internet access for at least three weeks. I will update you when I get back from this adventure!

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