Saturday, August 01, 2009

Nicole's Adopted Family

Melissa: We arrived in Ho a little earlier than expected. I probably hit my head on the side of the car about 12 times before we actually arrived because of the insane driving and lack of room. The tro tro station was insane in Ho. There were so many people everywhere. Nicole called John, Dela’s father so we could meet up with him. We had some trouble finding him but eventually we crossed paths and found him. His shoe had broke sometime between leaving his house and finding us so he took it to get it fixed. He gave his shoe to the repairer, told Nicole and I to sit down and disappeared. I was so confused of what was going on because 15 minutes had passed and he had still not returned. Eventually he came back and we got in a taxi and headed out.

Next thing you know, we were in front of a museum. Nicole and I had no clue what was going on but we followed John in. Like most places, we had to pay more for entrance. We walked around the small museum looking at ancient Ghana artifacts. After we left, we headed for John’s house.

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