Monday, August 03, 2009

More Adventures in Ho

Nicole: After awhile of coloring, Dela kicked all the kids out of the house so that he could bring us our dinner. They had bought rice, salad, and drinks for us and set it up in the house. We ate our dinner and then sprayed ourselves with bug spray before going outside. The children were dancing so we sat down and watched them while playing with the little ones.
Dela then told us that we should get ready to go to the bath house. As the family only has an outside shower with which one needs to use a bucket of water to wash, he took us to a relative’s house who has a running water, indoor shower.

On a separate note, during my second trip to Ho, I had asked Dela to think of something that I could get for his family as they would not allow me to pay for any anything. I knew that between the cab rides, food, drinks, and other things they had purchased for me, it was a bit of an expense for them. I tried to give them cash to pay for these expenses but they refused to accept it.

Dela wasn’t much help in giving me any ideas about what I could purchase for his family. I wanted to get them something that they could use and would help them in their daily lives. During my next visit to Ho (about 3 weeks ago), John told me that their family could really use a refrigerator. As his wife, Annie prepares and sells the local drink; a fridge would help her be able to sell the drink cold. John explained to me that they had been receiving a lot of competition as they had no way to sell the drink cold and that being unable to do this was resulting in them loosing business. Knowing that a fridge would help them make money as well as be able to store food and such, I knew that this was something that they could really benefit from. I told John that I would be more than happy to help them in this way.

During this weekend’s trip to Ho, Melissa and I were shown the newly purchased fridge. Since they had just purchased the fridge, they had not begun using it yet but according to a text message I received from John yesterday, the fridge is now up and running and they are so grateful for it.

Melissa: Nicole, Dela and I all slept in one room together. Nicole and I shared the bed while Dela made himself a bed on the floor. I woke up pretty early because for some reason it is really hard for me to sleep anywhere in Africa. I waited for Nicole to wake up and then we headed outside. We brushed our teeth and then just spit our toothpaste onto the floor because that is apparently how they do it here. The restroom is pretty interesting here as well. It is basically and shower and toilet at the same time. To take a shower here you have to get a bucket of water and wash yourself in this little brick square thing and that is where you go pee as well. Nicole and I both agree we do not even want to know what they do when they have to go number 2.
After all that we had breakfast. For some reason everywhere we go people like to make us ten times the amount of food that we can actually eat. I really hope that someone eats the leftover food. We played with the kids for awhile and then we were informed that we would be going to a Wild Life Game Park. We got ready and 7 of us packed into a small taxi. Once again it was Nicole and I followed by 5 other Ghanaians, it must have been quite a scene to see if you were just a local. 4 of us crammed into the back seat while 3 got in the front. We arrived at one of John’s family’s house a bit later where we found out that we would be picking up another person. 8 people in a little taxi meant for 5, you can just imagine. We drove for a bit longer and eventually ended up at the park. Only Nicole, Dela and I actually went on the walk to see the animals because the rest of them didn’t want to pay. Our guide had a huge gun with him and he loaded it and everything right in front on us. Nicole and I just looked at each other, in awe of what he was doing.

We started on our walk into the forest to go see some animals. Apparently he had some monkeys, buffalo, along with others. The scenery was beautiful. Tall green plants, trees and grass surrounded us. The ground was covered by dark rich dirt and tree branches and all that could be heard was bird chirps. It was beautiful. But this walk was of course to see some animals so I was waiting to see some. The guide kept telling us that it might be hard to see some animals because the grass was so high but still we walked on. We kept up this walk for about a half hour more and still had not seen any animals, except for the occasional spider and ant. Every time our guide would hear a monkey sound, he would turn around and whisper ‘monkey.’ Nicole and I found this extremely funny because most of the time we would never actually see any. One time we saw a monkey from like super far away. That was the only animal we saw the whole entire time! Of course we kept walking though; about another half hour later we finally made it back to camp. Nicole and I laughed about the walk and found it very funny that we had paid this guy 10 Cedis to take us on a walk.

We left the park and made our way in the direction back to John’s house. On the way we made a pit stop at John’s work. He works at the cell phone towers which over look the whole village. It was quite a scene. We eventually made it back to their house and played with the kids before we had to leave. We taught some of them how to play Go Fish and the night before we had taught them Uno. They all seemed to really enjoy this because in Ghana they only have one card game, called Card Game. We took pictures, put stickers all over the kids’ faces and played hand games with them before we had to start on our journey back to Wegbe. It was so sad to say bye to all of them because I had become very fond of all of them. One of the little girls, Melody, got really sad when we said bye to her but Nicole informed everyone that we would return before we leave for Kenya. We found a tro tro to take Nicole, Dela and I to the tro tro station but it zoomed off so fast that we weren’t able to say bye to John, which was quite sad. It’s a good thing we are coming back so we can say a proper goodbye. It’s strange, here when you say goodbye you shake hands. It’s so common for me to hug people goodbye but it isn’t so much here. When we arrived at the station we said goodbye to Dela, boarded the tro tro that would take us to Hohoe and started on our journey back.

Ghana is most pretty at about 5 o clock pm. The sun reflects off the tall grass and trees. It is absolutely breathtaking. We were in the tro tro on our way home at this time and it was amazing. We drove through all the open land and all that is visible is greenness. Everything is natural beauty and it is really quite beautiful.

After a very bumpy ride we finally arrived in Wegbe. When we got out of the tro tro, we were greeted by kids yelling Sister Nicole and Sister Melissa. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. We showered, unpacked and headed to Raymond’s house for dinner. Then we went to the internet cafĂ©. I sat outside on my netbook reading my emails and going on facebook. Out of no where a random kid came and sat next to me. He started looking at my computer screen, reading what I was writing and pointing to things. It was pretty strange. Then he started telling me how much he liked me and how I was meant for him. I just laughed and said thank you, thinking if I didn’t talk to him he would eventually go away. But there was no such luck. I started itching one of my many bug bites and then he decided he should help me. So he started to itch my bug bites for me as well. I eventually made him stop. He started to point out all the bug bites all over my body and he felt it was necessary to touch all of them along the way. He started to make random conversation with me and forced me to show him pictures of my friends that were on facebook. He asked me how old I was and I told him, he quickly agreed he was 18 as well, but he was obviously younger. Somehow over time he got closer and closer to me. His arm was now resting on my leg and his face was so close to mine so he could see the computer screen. I know he meant no harm but it was very strange and funny at the same time. Eventually Nicole finally came out and starred at the young guy wondering what the heck he was doing. I was on AIM at this time as well and Jeffery Gold, our cousin, had IMed me. He was amazed that I was online and asked to videochat. It worked and we got to see him and Elias. It was wonderful. Of course the guy next to me and others from around crowded around to see Jeffery and Elias’ faces. They found it amazing and started getting behind us so they too could be in the video. The kid next to me told me that he liked the little baby, meaning Elias, and that we should bring him to Ghana because he wanted him. Nicole and I started tearing up because we were laughing so hard at this along with the other crazy things they were saying. We then decided to call our mom. We let some of the guys talk to her and they asked her questions like how old she was and if she was going to come to Ghana. We eventually had to rip the headphones out of their hands so we could actually talk to our mom. During our conversation with him, the young guy next to me kept touching my leg and tickling me. I had to tell him to stop and move away from me. It was quite funny.

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