Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ho Once Again

Melissa: Everyone was pretty shy around me at first and only a couple of the adults would talk to me. I think Dela was the most shy. Nicole had informed me before that Dela had a crush on me so I guess the normal thing was to ignore me, and that is exactly what he did. He didn’t acknowledge me and when he wanted to know what I wanted to drink he took Nicole away to ask. It was quite funny. After an hour or so had passed they informed us that would we go to the local waterfall. Nicole and I got our cameras and we headed out with 5 Ghanaians. We walked through a sort of forest area to get to the waterfall. Bless pointed out all the fruit, coco, plantain and corn plants to me as we walked. I had to keep my eyes down watching where I was walking because there were so many things to trip over. Eventually I actually did trip on something and one the Ghanaians remarked, “Don’t do that.” I found that extremely funny because it was not like I had meant to. Once we arrived at the waterfall, all the guys striped down into their boxers and ran into the shallow water. Nicole and I watched and snapped photos of them playing around. I had Nicole take a picture of me standing in some really high grass, big mistake. I came out with a ton of scratches all over my arms and red bumps started to appear. Of course Nicole and I had forgotten to put on bug spray and soon we had red bumps all up and down our arms. Then like expected they started to itch.

As we left the waterfall, we passed a couple. They stopped and said something to us in Ewe. Dela translated and told us she had said we were beautiful. We replied saying she was beautiful as well. As she walked away, she kept her eyes on us almost entranced by our skin.

Nicole: Two weekends ago, the last time I came to visit my family in Ho, they took me to the waterfall. As I somehow lost all my photos from that weekend, John wanted me to go back to the waterfall so I could take new photos to make up for the lost ones. I told them that I didn’t want to just go back to the waterfall to take new photos and that we should only go if they actually wanted to go. By the time we got to the waterfall, it was evident that they really did want to go back there. When we got pretty close and could hear the waterfall, the guys in front started running. As Melissa said, they quickly stripped down to their boxers and ran into the water. I commented to Melissa about how dirty the water looked and asked her if she wanted to go swimming. I am glad she said no cause there is no way I would have gone swimming in that water or allowed her to go swimming.

After a bit of a hike, we returned to the family’s house. I had brought some coloring and school materials for the children, as well as a slinkie, some jump ropes, and a deck of Uno cards. I brought all the kids inside and gave the seven older kids pencil boxes which I had filled with pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, glue sticks, paper clips, rubber bands, and stickers. I gave the younger kids stickers and had all of the children share the coloring and activity books and crayons. Melissa and I sat inside with the kids and colored with them as they were super excited about all the new coloring materials. Then, I took a blank piece of paper, wrote one of the girl’s names on it, and decorated. Of course this led to the other children also wanting similar pictures. Melissa helped me as we came up with designs for each picture.

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