Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Gangster Birthday Party

Friday evening we had much planned. Nicole and I were invited to Kofi’s 23rd birthday party. Kofi is Nicholas’s older brother and Nicholas works at the orphanage as a teacher with us. Nicole and I already knew that this party was going to be very interesting from the invitation we received. I quote: “On behalf of the cash money niggas, the MOB (Money over bitches) niggas, Westsiders and all de Homies in de hood, Kofi invites you…” Nicole and I went crazy, we couldn’t believe what we were reading. On top of this, on Nicole’s invitation it said “Nicole Pampanin, My African Queen.”

So this party was supposed to start at 7 pm at the Royal Club. Godwin was a bit late picking us up and we still had to get Kofi a birthday present. We knew we would be late. We went around to a couple of the stores in the city looking for chocolate because we didn’t know what else to get Kofi. We eventually found some along with chocolate chip cookies and headed for Royal Club. We drove by and didn’t see a single person inside. We waited in the taxi and Godwin convinced us to call the guys to see where they were. Of course neither of their phones would go through. Then a guy came up to us calling Nicole’s name. He told us that Nicholas and Kofi had gone down the street but they would be right back and that we should go inside. We did and we brought Godwin with us. This Royal Club was definitely not a club, or any ordinary club. It was a very small bar but they took us to this back room with about 15 chairs set up where the “party’ would take place. This room was very strange. There were no lights. The only thing that I could remotely see was Nicole’s face and my skin, Godwin just blended into the darkness. We sat in the darkness for about 30 minutes, just waiting. We finally decided that we would leave and go to The Taste Lodge because one of the volunteers was having a dinner for everyone. She was leaving Sunday, so she wanted to have one last goodbye meal. Of course the minute we walked outside of Royal, Nicholas and Kofi, along with all their friends walk in. They asked us where we were going so we just turned around and walked right back into the dark room with them. Once again we sat in the dark but this time Godwin had left and he was replaced with Nicholas. We sat in the wonderful dark room making small talk. Kofi and the bar tender started bringing out drinks and decided to place all of them on the table in front of Nicole and I. By this time a few other guys had arrived at the “party.” Of course I couldn’t see any of their faces as it was so dark but I could see their shadow taking up a chair. There were maybe like 9 or 10 people now. But still they kept bringing out more alcohol. Our table was soon full of all sorts of beers for about 40 people. Nicole and I both looked at each other in awe and just laughed because there was nothing else we could do.

Finally the party started! Well it was more like everyone had arrived and this guy they called “Xibit” came to the front of the room and started giving a speech. He talked about Kofi and other things and then everyone introduced themselves so the “special guests” could know everyone. They introduced themselves by their gangster names. Nicholas’s name was Ghetto, some guy was named Rolex and the rest I couldn’t understand. This was hilarious and I seriously sat in my chair laughing the whole time. It’s a good thing the party was in the dark so no one could see my uncontrollable laughing face. Another guy stood up and decided to tell the story of the “Cash Money Niggas,” that was the crew all the guys were in. Every time he would said “Cash Money”, the other guys would chime in “money, money, money, EVERYWHEREEE.” I seriously couldn’t contain my laugher. So he told his story of how all the guys met, how they formed their crew and how they ruled the streets of Hohoe. He also added that they had parties for orphans, so Nicole and I concluded that they must be nice gangsters. They used many words that you would hear in a gangster rap song while they talked and it was just too funny. They couldn’t really pull it off and sounded very fake and hilarious.

We informed Nicholas that we would leave at 8:30 because we wanted to go to the other volunteer’s dinner. I think I seriously counted down the time. By this time, they had started playing music and drinking their beers. Kofi made all the guys get up and start dancing. They basically danced by themselves and sang right next to their chair. It was so funny. There were no girls, except Nicole and I and I am pretty sure we both agreed that we were not going to get up and dance with them, even though they wanted us to. Finally it was 8:30 and we had to leave. We said goodbye to all the nice gangsters and went on our way. I am sad to say that I don’t think I would ever be able to point out any of the “Cash Money Niggas” because of the poor lighting at the wonderful party.

We headed to Catherine’s goodbye dinner along with Nicholas. We had a nice dinner and taught Nicholas how to do Westside and LA signs with his hands so he could teach his fellow gangsters. I had taught him how to do the peace sign a week or so ago and he just loves doing it now.

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