Monday, August 03, 2009

Back to the Clinic

Melissa: Nicole woke up not feeling so well. I got ready and ate breakfast thinking she would eventually get up. But she really did not feel well. We turned off the alarm and both went back to sleep. The bed here is really uncomfortable. When you lay in it your body makes an imprint and the bed sinks down which makes it difficult to sleep straight. This causes Nicole and mine back to hurt and wake up with pain. Nicole slept until around one-ish. She eventually made it on to the ground with her sleeping bag which was somewhat more comfortable at the moment. She took her temperature; she had a slight fever. Her stomach, head and whole body ached. We called Raymond and asked him to take us to the Clinic.

After riding in a taxi for a few minutes and heading down one of the bumpiest streets ever, we arrived at the Clinic. We didn’t have to wait long and went into see the doctor. He started asking Nicole what was wrong. Nicole felt so helpless and upset that she was sick again so she started crying. Raymond comforted her and held her hand. He told Nicole that he hopes that she sees him as family and like her other mother but from Ghana. It was so sweet but seeing Nicole cry and be so sad brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to help her and make her better so she didn’t have to go through this pain again. In Ghana people only cry when someone has died and in mourning so when Nicole would cry both the doctor and Raymond would tell her to stop it. I tried to explain to them that crying is a way of how we deal with things that are painful and make us sad. I wanted to just take Nicole and somehow magically make her better because seeing the sadness in her eyes made me want to seriously just break down. The doctor told her that she could not have malaria again because it was too soon and that her body was just weak from all the traveling and hiking we had been doing. He explained to her that she needs to rest and that her body doesn’t have a very strong immune system so she needs to be even more careful. He pulled out some pills that she would have to take and some liquid medicine as well. Then he told her she would have to go on a drip. She broke down because it isn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience. He told her she needed the vitamins and medicine from it to gain her strength back.

We went back to the hotel to do the drip. The doctor had to try three times to actually get the needle properly into Nicole’s vein. It was a very sad experience. I hated seeing Nicole have to go through all that pain. Right now she is almost done with the first drip. Tomorrow she will have to do another and rest all day. Send your prayers and love to her so she may get better quickly.

I would also like to point out that during the time Nicole was feeling sick and sleeping so many people came by to make sure she was okay. Patrick, Godwin, Raymond’s wife, Nicholas, and all the people that work at the hotel came by to send their regards. It was the sweetest thing.

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