Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wli Waterfalls

It is amazing that tomorrow will be two months since I left America. It is absolutely crazy how fast time has flown by. It’s crazy that I only have a little more than one month left here in Ghana. I do not even want to think about leaving so I will not dwell on that right now.

After spending many days just sleeping, watching movies, and taking lots of medicine, I am feeling better. Today was the first day in a good week or so that I have gotten out of bed and been somewhat active.

I spent the morning and early afternoon sleeping. I was awoken around lunchtime and told that the older children would be going to Wli Waterfalls today. As I missed going to the monkey sanctuary with them due to being sick, I really wanted to go to the waterfalls. So I put on my bathing suit, packed up my camera and sunscreen and headed over to the orphanage. The children of Class One and Class Two were waiting quietly outside while the little ones were inside napping.

The children as well as the teachers and volunteers were divided in half and quickly took their seats in the two tro tros. The children began singing in excitement. We passed out chocolate bars which were a huge success and quickly devoured. The singing continued until we reached the reception area for the waterfalls.

Tickets were purchased and then the children began running the 30-40 minute trek to the waterfalls.

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