Sunday, July 12, 2009

Love and Support

My intentions of my last update were not to cause worry but rather to inform you of what is happening to me. I appreciate all the love and support and apologize for any worries I caused you. I should let you know that I am being treated by a doctor in town and am starting to feel better.

Yesterday was my last of three days that I spent at the clinic hooked up to the drip. All together I spent about 10 hours hooked up to the drip. According to the doctor the medicine from the drip and the vitamins and medicines prescribed to me should help me get back to normal within a week or two.

I will continue to take it easy for the next few days as I know that rest is necessary for me to fully recover. I have spent many hours in bed, sleeping and watching movies and tv shows and have almost finished watching the first two seasons of Prison Break.

Yesterday, I spent much time watching the Ghanaian news channel as they were covering US President Obama’s visit to Ghana. Raymond and I had been planning for weeks to go to Accra, the capital city to see Obama but we had to cancel those plans as I needed to stay in Hohoe for medical care. I insisted that Raymond should still go to Accra as he was really looking forward to seeing Obama but he refused to go without me. I felt bad as Raymond had managed to get us two VIP tickets for the event. I promised Raymond that when he comes to America, I will take him to the White House in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, while watching television in my room before Raymond arrived to take me to the clinic, I received a knock on my door. One of the men who works at the hotel, Josiah informed me that I had a visitor waiting for me in the lobby. I walked out and to my surprise I saw Dela. Dela is like my brother…he is part of my adopted family that lives in Ho. I was happy to see him and my heart was warmed to know that he cared about me so much that he came all the way to Hohoe to make sure I was doing okay. He spent the early afternoon with me even though I spent part of it sleeping. This whole malaria and typhoid thing has made me very tired all the time. It reminds me of when I had mono and would need to nap after doing simple tasks such as taking a shower or eating a meal. Dela and his family have been keeping tabs on me and have been calling and texting me frequently to make sure that I am receiving proper medical care. They have truly been like a second family to me, being just as worried as my mother and family back home.

Tomorrow I will be traveling to Ho via taxi as I need to extend my visa so that I can stay in Ghana for the remaining 5 weeks of my trip here.

I will continue to update you on my medical condition. Thank you all for your love and support.

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