Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sister Nicole is Known All Through Town

Monday was a very moving day. After the distribution, Patrick informed me that as all of the people had been told who I was, I should not be surprised if now, the older members of the community call out my name when I walk by. I laughed it off as most of the community of Wegbe already knows who I am. But he was right, the next day, in addition to all of the children calling out my name on my walk to the orphanage, a number of the older people also called out my name. Patrick keeps telling me that by the time I leave here in August, every single person in Wegbe will know me by name. I must admit that it’s pretty cute that so many people know me by name and call out my name every time I walk by – any hour of the day.

In addition, on Tuesday, I was asked by an elderly lady if I had any glasses left. She informed me that she was ill and unable to attend the distribution to previous day but that she has been unable to read and would love to get a pair of reading glasses. I had to sadly inform her that I had no glasses left. She made me promise to try to get some more glasses for her and the others in the community who were unable to make it to the distribution the previous day. I told her that I would do my best. It was amazing to see how far this project spread and how Eyes On Africa and I were working to make reading easier for the people of this community.

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