Friday, May 15, 2009

LAX Airport Gate 103: America to Heathrow

A little girl runs in front of me – I am sitting, waiting at my gate. She is pushing her orange stroller and panicking her parents as she runs out of sight. I look at her and think of all the children at Christ Orphanage that I will see on Sunday! I think about little baby Richmond who was just 3 weeks old when I arrived in Ghana last summer and is now walking (according to his father when I talked to him last week). I think of Melody and all the other children who I cannot wait to see again.

The tears have finally stopped. I didn’t think it would be so difficult to say good bye to my mother and sister, but it was extremely difficult. And then my sister made it even harder by sending me with a very sweet letter that I opened when I arrived at my gate. I had finally calmed down a bit and then I burst into tears again. I am so happy that my sister and I have the kind of relationship that my aunts have. And I hope that we will continue to be so close for the rest of our lives. She is so important to me and I am so excited that I get to see her in a little more than 2 months when she comes to visit Ghana!

I am leaving LAX in about an hour. In a few hours – or a lot of hours, I will be in Heathrow, England. After my two hour layover and transfer there, I have a few more hours of flying until I arrive in Accra, Ghana. I will be met at the airport in Accra by Raymond, the founder and head master of Christ Orphanage as well as his uncle, and possibly one of my fellow volunteers, Elyse who returned to Ghana a few weeks ago with two of her friends.

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