Saturday, May 16, 2009

British Airways Flight from London to Accra - Flight 2

After aimlessly walking around and stretching my legs in the Heathrow airport, I finally boarded my flight to Ghana. This flight won’t be as bad as the first one as it is three hours shorter, plus I am sitting in the emergency exit row so I have lots of room and no one in front of me. The first flight actually wasn’t that bad, because I was so tired (as I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before) that I slept for a good few hours on the plane.

On this flight, I am seated next to a native Ghanaian, Anthony who has lived all over the world – from Anaheim to New York and now London. He is a very nice man who now lives in London with his wife and two children. But he frequently flies to West Africa on business, as he works for a non profit organization, Water Aid. This organization supplies water to remote villages and poverty stricken areas in 16 different countries. While talking to him during take off, I learned that orphanages in Ghana are a pretty new thing. Previously, if the parents of a child died or couldn’t care for their children, other family members would take them in. Anthony’s parents took in three of his cousins that lived with his family until they were old enough and decided to move out and make a life for themselves. He explained that people today, even in Africa are changing and not as willing to care for other’s children – resulting in an increase of orphanages. Anthony is originally from a town in the Volta Region, not far from Hohoe.

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