Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mole Weekend

I was not planning on going to the internet café right now but because it started raining and I was out walking, I decided to stop in here and update you about my weekend. After our delayed flight, we finally were able to board our flight and head to Mole. After landing in Kumasi, we had to find a tro tro to take the 7 of us to Mole, about a four hour drive from Kumasi. This in itself was another adventure. Our taxi from the airport took us to the station where there were hundreds of taxis and tro tros waiting to take people to their desired destination and or sell them goods. It was chaos! Various locals tried to get us into tiny beat up taxis – we knew the road to Mole was not very good and we really did not want to delay our arrival any longer if the taxi was to break down and not make it all the way. We found a large tro tro and negotiated a price…then, we were off! The ride was just as we had been told… extremely bumpy.

The bumpy ride and delayed flight were obstacles which we happily overcame as we were very excited and anxious to arrive at Mole National Park. Mole was incredible. We arrived at dinner time on Saturday and ate a delicious, much needed dinner. On Sunday, we got up early and went on a walking safari. While walking to the main building from our room, a baboon ran right in front of me. He ran on the patio and even paid a visit to the ladies bathroom. I would have been scared out of my mind if I was in that bathroom and was suddenly greeted by a baboon. Immediately after beginning our safari, we spotted an elephant. On this two hour safari we saw about 15-20 elephants…it was incredible! I took tons of pictures to share when I return home. The elephants got so close at times that our guide made us move back numerous times. We also saw many more baboons, warthogs, and antelopes. I wasn’t too disappointed that we did not see any crocodiles! We were also hoping to see lions but did not find any on our safari. Right after our safari, we arranged to go on a driving safari. Although we saw the same animals, it was still amazing because we were able to just watch them and not have to concentrate on where we were walking/ how close we were to them. We were also able to go further into the park as the vehicle moves quicker than we can walk.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend full of many adventures and incredible sights. The flight back was uneventful which was good as we were exhausted and ready to get back to our placements in Hohoe.

Hope everything is well back home and the earthquake did not shake things up too badly! I will write again soon!


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