Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Mission and a Vision

“You have a mission and a vision,” Alpha, our night guard told me a few nights ago. He continued by telling me that this is not something many of the volunteers have when they come through the house. I agree with and have witnessed the validation of this statement.

Wednesday night
Its only 7pm but it’s already almost dark outside. We are sitting around the little fire pit they use to heat water and cook meals. The stools are wooden and pretty close to the ground, the dirt. I am holding Richmond (now seven weeks old) and Melody (three years old) is standing behind me doing my hair. The children here love to play with the volunteer’s hair. This is because the children here have hair which is cut very close to their heads so they are unfamiliar with longer hair. “It’s beautiful,” I tell her when she finishes with my hair. Dela (sixteen years old) is walking around with the radio which is a bit staticy and going between a music station and a talk station. The girls are preparing dinner, singing, drawing water from the well, and sitting around talking in Ewe. Although I am not great at the language, I can usually pick up the general subject that they are talking about.

Fireflies are flying around. Melody runs to chase the chickens away from the food. The cats and two kittens are playing…watching them reminds me of two siblings playing together. The goats are walking around in search of any scrap of food they can find. I can see all of this from the light which is being projected from the fire lamp.

The father of the family invites me to come visit his farm this weekend. The boys laugh when I tell him that I’d love to. They ask me if I have ever worked on a farm before and crack up when I answer them. I don’t mind as I feel as if these boys are my brothers and I am totally used to their jokes by now.

They invite me to eat dinner with them. I tell them that I have already eaten as we eat dinner at the house at 6pm.

Richmond falls asleep on me. After holding him for awhile, I return him to his mother and walk back over to the house to sit and chat with Alpha and the boys who follow me back over.

The main events are basically the same every night. I eat dinner then go visit the neighbors and play with the kids, sitting around as they eat. I return back to the house to bring Alpha some tea and bread. Then I sit outside with the boys (Dela and Godsway) and girls (Genevieve and Peace) who live next-door. Other kids are also around such as Eli, the director’s younger brother and Emmanuel who lives down the road. We talk, play games, and hang out. Some aspects vary from night to night such as last night when both the children were on my lap and they both fell asleep.

While I have so much more I want to write to you about, I am done for now as I have been at the internet café for about an hour now and I'm ready to head back to the house.
I love you all!!!

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