Friday, July 25, 2008

Arrival in Mole

We arrived at the airport this morning at 4:15 for our 6:00am flight to Tamale. After being dropped off by the cabs, we walked to the domestic departures terminal. Our check in time was supposed to be from 4:30 - 5:30 but the building was locked. One of the airport workers came and opened the door for us -- it was dark and quite inside, the security men were sleeping on the benches and none of the machines or televisions were even turned on yet. It was not surprising to us that we were the first people who arrived for the flight -- we decided to arrive on time -- American time, not Ghana time. After we checked in, about an hour later, some of us dozed off on the very uncomfortable metal benches. About 6:30, we were told that our flight was delayed due to bad weather conditions in Tamale. Typical. They were not sure how long the delay would be -- when I asked, I was told it would only be 15 - 20 minutes. this was not the case as we found out a bit later that our flight had been delayed and we were free to do whatever we wanted as long as we returned by 10am! So now, after a great nap, I am at the internet cafe in the airport waiting til our flight begins to board. that’s all for now...with our luck so far, there will be a few more difficulties along the way and don't worry... I will be sure to update you about them!!!


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