Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jingle Bells

It has been a busy but great few days! Yesterday, our group went on a 45 minute hike to get to Wli Waterfall. It was a nice hike and the waterfall was absolutely amazing! I went into the water with a few of the other volunteers...we went all the way out and went right under the waterfall. We were so close that the water hurt when it hit our bodies. I went in the water a second time to take in some of the children from the orphanage I am working at. We brought along 10 of the older children (ages 7-8). They had a blast and I had fun playing in the water with them. When we got out of the water to put on our clothes, one of the girls put on my shoes and one of the other volunteer's was very cute. The walk back was entertaining as two of the kids held my hands and we sang songs.

I am emailing some photos to my mother so hopefully she will share them with all of you soon! I cant figure out how to post them on here!!!

Anyways, I have to go...I have 2 little boys who are waiting for me outside the door of the internet cafe because they want me to come play with them.

Sending lots of love!

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